Sequential Barricade Light Programming Instructions

Sequential Light Programming Instructions

1.       To turn on: Momentary tap of switch.
2.       To turn single lamp off: Tap switch, wait for Green LED, tap again, Lamp will turn off.
3.       To turn off all lamps: Hold switch down for 3-4 seconds until Red LED flashes – continue to hold down until lamps flash red indicator as they all turn off.
4.       To add a lamp to end of string (append) or insert into missing position (insert), simply turn lamp on within 5 meters of missing lamp.
5.       Allow lamp to flash before turning on the next lamp.
6.       To enable/disable photodetector, hold switch for approximately 3-4 seconds, red LED will flash. Release button.
7.       Default when powered on is 24-hour flashing.
8.       When enabling/disabling photodetector, after red flash, red flash again means now in 12-hour mode.
9.       To toggle to 24-hour mode, perform same operation – hold button for 3-4 seconds; red LED will flash; then the indicator will flash green to indicate 24-hour mode.
10.   To remember – red means lamp will go off during daylight – warning – 12-hour mode:

Note: When the batteries run low on power, the lights will shut off.

Lamps will retain state when power is lost. So, when changing batteries, or when impact separates batteries for milliseconds, the lamp will automatically turn back on with same sequence position (number). So, if someone opens batteries to stop lamp flashing, the next person may become confused as the lamp will start flashing as soon as battery lid is closed.

To erase position data, simply turn off lamp using the switch – either individual off or group off.

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